About Us

Our Company

Sinar Suci Sdn Bhd starts with textbook distribution & retailing in Sarawak and is now fast expanding into other core business of e-commerce. Sinar Suci opened its office in Kuching, Sarawak and has deep roots spanning over 40 years in textbook distribution & logistics business. We have grown from strength to strength to what we are today. Our passion is to be Sarawak’s premier leader in the core businesses we are in. Today we move forward to enter e-commerce market. Our market will expands from books to household and food products. We are committed to continuously seek opportunities which will enable us to spread our wings further.

Through experienced team, we are committed to provide quality services that will delight our customers. We have numbers of HR programs to keep our team motivated, diligent and provide you with excellent customer service at all time.

Our customers are the heart of our business. We are motivated & inspired everyday to do our best to offer you solutions. At all times, customer service remains our priority.